Louis Armstrong’s Black & Blues

This documentary tells the story of how Louis Armstrong's music was viewed by some as a bridge between the races, while others saw it as too provocative.

Louis Armstrong’s Black & Blues
Louis Armstrong’s Black & Blues

His music was seen by some as a bridge between the races, while others viewed it as too provocative. Through this film, we learn how Armstrong fought against forces of racism and segregation to become an icon of jazz and swing around the world. This is an inspiring portrait that celebrates Louis Armstrong’s unyielding spirit and ambition, illuminating his musical genius and global legacy.

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Louis Armstrong's Black & Blues will be released on October 28, 2022 by Apple Studios and executive produced by Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Michele Anthony, David Blackman. The production team includes producers Sara Bernstein, Justin Wilkes and Sacha Jenkins with Julie Anderson as a producer. Don’t miss this dynamic documentary that captures Armstrong’s story in an unforgettable way.  Louis Armstrong’s Black & Blues will be the definitive portrait of the musical genius whose life transcended racial tensions and changed music forever.  Tune in on October 28, 2022 and be prepared to experience one of the most iconic musicians like never before!

Premiere date: October 28, 2022

Production companies: Apple Studios

Director: Sacha Jenkins

Producers: Justin Wilkes, Sara Bernstein, Julie Anderson, Sacha Jenkins

Executive Producers: Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, David Blackman, Michele Anthony