Join engineer Juliette on an epic mission to uncover the truth behind a mysterious murder and unravel secrets that have been hidden inside the deep walls of the silo for generations. It's a journey full of suspense where lies threaten her life, and only the truth will set her free.

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8.2/10 87% 7.3/10

Silo is an edge-of-your-seat thriller that offers no easy answers in its suspenseful exploration of life in the world after us. The series examines our capacity for survival when faced with fear, desperation and the unknown. As Juliette digs deeper, she uncovers hidden truths that could destroy the fragile balance of power within the silo or even lead to their freedom from it. What truths do the secrets of the silo conceal and will Juliette's journey be enough to save them? Join Rebecca Ferguson, Common, Harriet Walter and more for this gripping ride through a post-apocalyptic world that you won't want to miss.

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Common portrays Deputy Sheriff Donaldson, a lawman living in the silo and caught between two worlds; above ground and below. Harriet Walter stars as Deputy Governor Vera, the ultimate authority of the silo with a past shrouded in mystery. Chinaza Uche plays Gavil, a top-tier engineer who helps Juliette on her mission to uncover secrets inside the silo. Avi Nash is Arthur, an idealistic engineer determined to keep those around him safe at any cost. David Oyelowo stars as Manford, an unhinged mechanic with ties to Juliette's past and Rashida Jones plays Delphine, a mysterious figure with knowledge beyond that which can be explained by life in the Silo. Tim Robbins rounds out the cast as Sheriff Danvers, a former Deputy Sheriff whose secrets will bring danger and destruction to everyone inside the silo.

Primer date: May 5, 2023

Cast: Rebecca Ferguson, Harriet Walter, Common,  Chinaza Uche, David Oyelowo, Avi Nash

Creator: Graham Yost

Director: Morten Tyldum

Studio: AMC Studios



Silo S1 E1 | Freedom Day | TV Series 2023
Follow Sheriff Becker as he uncovers secrets from his past in Silo S1 E1, Freedom Day. Join him as he searches for answers and discovers a hijacked silo that threatens to change his future.
MAY 5, 2023
Silo S1 E2 | Holston’s Pick | TV Series 2023
Follow Juliette, an engineer, as she pieces together what might have led to her co-worker’s mysterious death in the second episode of Holston’s Pick. Join the investigation and uncover the truth.
MAY 5, 2023
Silo S1 E3 | Machines | TV Series 2023
Join Mayor Jahns and Bernard in their clash to find the new sheriff in Episode 3 of Machines. Tune in to find out what happens when Juliette strikes a deal to keep the generator running.
MAY 12, 2023
Silo S1 E4 | Truth | TV Series 2023
In this fourth episode of Silo, Deputy Marnes and Juliette join forces to uncover the truth behind recent tragedies.
MAY 19, 2023
Silo S1 E5 | The Janitor’s Boy | TV Series 2023
Investigate two murders with Sheriff Juliette as she rises to the challenge in Silo S1 E5. Follow her journey as she takes on the ultimate showdown in the fifth episode of this riveting series.
MAY 26, 2023
Silo S1 E6 | The Relic | TV Series 2023
Join Juliette as she investigates a dark and mysterious incident in her small town. In Episode 6 of The Relic, she must uncover the truth and confront her own fears to get to the bottom of it all.
JUNE 2, 2023
Silo S1 E7 | The Flamekeepers | TV Series 2023
Join Bernard as he faces a new challenge in episode 7 of The Flamekeepers. Can Juliette’s help make the difference and bring security back to the silo? Watch now and find out!
JUNE 9, 2023
Silo S1 E8 | Hanna | TV Series 2023
Dive into the penultimate episode of Hanna and join Juliette as she discovers new information that causes her to see her family’s past differently and gain access to the silo’s biggest secrets.
JUNE 16, 2023