Watch Every MLS Match with MLS Season Pass

Every match. Every screen. No blackouts.

Watch Every MLS Match with MLS Season Pass

The New Home of MLS

MLS Season Pass is the new home of Major League Soccer. With our app you can watch every MLS match, including the playoffs, on all your devices through the Apple TV app. Get access to an expansive and accessible programming lineup ever for MLS fans, and watch over 500 MLS matches.

English or Spanish Broadcast Crews

Watch the matches on Apple with either English or Spanish broadcast crews so that you never miss a beat. Plus, all matches involving Canadian teams will be available in French, ensuring that every fan can enjoy their favorite team's matches in their native language.

Enjoy From Everywhere

Enjoy your MLS Season Pass from anywhere! With our app you can stream your favorite matches on Apple devices, smart TVs, streaming devices, set-top boxes, game consoles, and the web at Plus, every match is presented without blackouts. So no matter where you go, you never have to miss a single match.

Key Features + Benefits

Access to every MLS match, including the playoffs: With MLS Season Pass, you can watch hundreds of MLS matches, including all the games in the playoffs. You'll have access to both English and Spanish broadcast crews and a club's home radio broadcast in French for all matches involving Canadian teams.

Convenience on all your devices: Our service is available on Apple TV app - including Apple devices, smart TVs, streaming devices, set-top boxes, game consoles and the web at This means you can easily watch your favorite team's matches on any device that is convenient for you.

Extensive programming lineup: MLS Season Pass offers one of the most expansive and accessible programming lineups ever for MLS fans with over 500 MLS matches available to watch throughout the year.

A reliable resource for all your soccer needs: Get access to up-to-date information about upcoming matches and keep up with all your favorite teams from around the world without having to worry about missing out due to blackouts or other restrictions that can come with traditional TV providers or cable services

Enjoy high-quality coverage: With our extensive selection of programming options, you can rest assured that each match will be covered with quality production values that capture every moment for a truly immersive experience unlike any other

Affordable pricing options: We offer affordable pricing options so everyone can enjoy full access to our service without breaking their budget! Whether it's a monthly subscription plan or an annual pass, we have something that fits everyone's needs so they can start watching their favorite team right away!

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